Charities in this fund support research and conservation efforts to protect the natural environment.


Environment advocacy

David Suzuki Foundation

The David Suzuki Foundation works to conserve and protect the natural environment through evidence based research, education, and policy analysis. Last year, they launched the Clean Power Pathways, a project to deliver choices and effective approaches to meet energy and climate goals. Their Butterflyway Project continues to help grow highways of pollinator habitat throughout Canada to feed and shelter pollinators.

Land conservation

The Nature Conservancy of Canada

The Nature Conservancy of Canada works to conserve important natural areas and biological diversity in Canada. They have identified over 100 natural areas for critical protection and 209 species at risk, with 32% of those species having their habitat maintained by The Nature Conservancy of Canada. Last year, they were able to secure and conserve 329,849 acres through their securement projects and conservation agreements.

Environment advocacy


Ecojustice uses the law to defend nature, combat climate change, and fight for a healthy environment for all. Currently, they have 31 active court cases to safeguard the climate for current and future generations.

Environment advocacy

Environmental Defence Canada

Environmental Defence works to defend clean water, the climate, and healthy communities in Canada. They focus on 6 main issues: ensuring safe products, stopping climate change and creating jobs in the clean economy, growing Ontario's Greenbelt, protecting Canada's fresh water, ending plastic pollution, and helping beach and marinas reach the blue flag eco certification.

Carbon Offsetting

Tree Canada

Tree Canada is dedicated to planting and nurturing trees in rural and urban environments. Last year, they planted over 350,000 trees across Canada through the National Greening Program. Other programs include partnerships with companies to offset their emissions by planting trees, as well as replanting trees after natural disasters such as Western Canada wildfires and hurricanes in Atlantic Canada.


Forest Stewardship Council

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certifies timber products to ensure responsibly managed forests as well as social and environmental best practices along the supply chain. They help consumers make choices at the product level to support healthy forests and an ethical forest industry. 16% of Canada's forests are FSC certified, and FSC issued 633 chain of custody certificates in Canada last year.

Environment advocacy

Pollution Probe Foundation

Pollution Probe is focused on creating practical, actionable, community focused solutions in four key program areas: circular economy, energy, transportation and water. Projects aim to reduce food waste, prevent plastic pollution, increase non-emitting energy efficiency, as well as monitoring potential emerging contaminants.


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