Introducing Give for Work

We launched Give in 2019 to help people support every cause they care about with one monthly donation.

Since then, people have donated over $180,000 with Give, and we've won an award from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for our approach to personalized giving.

Today, we're launching Give for Work - a workplace giving platform for companies of all sizes.

Over the past few years, it's been incredible to see so many companies and their employees give back to charity, whether it's to support those in need during the pandemic or to fight racial discrimination in their community.

And it's not just the typical Fortune 500 companies giving back - companies of all sizes are doing their part and giving what they can.

These companies recognize that giving back is not only the right thing to do, but also fosters a culture of generosity that attracts and retains great employees.

However, we've also heard from founders about all the barriers making it harder to give back:

  • Choosing the right charities to support is daunting, especially for sensitive, complex causes
  • Donations are ephemeral making it hard to tell the story of the company's impact
  • Collecting, verifying, and matching employee donations is time-consuming
  • Engaging every employee - not just those experienced with giving - is difficult
  • Most workplace giving products only serve companies with 500+ employees, and feel outdated

We want our approach to personalized giving to reach as many people as possible, so we've spent the past few months extending our product into the workplace.

Give for Work is an employee-driven workplace giving platform that shares our same founding principles:

  • Personalized: Each employee gets their own personalized giving portfolio based on where they live and what they care about.
  • Simple: Employees support every charity in their selected causes with just one donation and get one unified tax receipt.
  • Smart: Each cause is designed to tackle a social issue from a variety of proven approaches and every charity is extensively vetted in-house with our methodology.

Here's what you can do with Give for Work today:

  • Make company donations to any of our cause funds
  • Provide every employee with their own personalized giving portfolio
  • Automatically match employee donations, with match rules and limits to stay within your budget
  • Track company donations and get insights on your team's giving, while respecting employee privacy
  • Get one consolidated tax receipt for all your corporate giving

For companies that want to take their social impact to the next level, we can work with you to create a branded custom company fund that reflects your mission and values.

We recently worked with Bright + Early to create the Better Workplaces Fund, which was featured in BetaKit. To learn more about creating a custom fund, please contact us.

And we're just getting started. Over the next few months, we'll be rolling out some new features across the platform:

  • Fundraisers to rally the company around a cause
  • A Slack app to meet your employees where they are
  • And more!

Are you an executive or HR leader and want to launch a workplace giving program at your company? Get started with a 30-day trial or contact us to chat with our team.

Are you an employee and want to give back as a company? Share the Give for Work page with your coworkers, or have an executive or HR leader arrange a chat with our team here.